Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 Week Challenge

Well, this might seem like an odd time to start a healthy living challenge, but as Amanda was saying over at Kind Over Matter, "No day like today" to start.

This is something that has been on the middle burner for a while. It never made it the back burner, but it certainly wasn't on the front. I was doing really well for about a month and then I got bored and started making little excuses here and there not to track food, not pack lunches and so on. Starting tomorrow (today is pizza and cake for Gary's birthday) I will have a packed lunch and snack. I will have a healthy breakfast and dinner even on busy days.

I know I have been doing okay because my clothes are getting bigger, especially my pants, but I know I can do more. Probably the next thing to add to the formula is movement. I will have to figure out when I can fit that into my schedule...Lots more excuses on that one than on the food plan.

Anyway, I plan to write to myself at least once a week here. This challenge is on top of my 21 Challenge at Rhonna Farrer's blog where I am trying to become a neater housekeeper. So far so good even though Gary has come home and has put a little kink in the works. I suppose it is better to have him home with a less tidy house than a clean house all alone.

So here's to T minus 1 day until I start Amanda's 5 week Be Kind to Your Body challenge in the middle of day 5 of my 21 Challenge. It's better than waiting until New Year's Day to make a resolution. By New Year's I will be that much farther ahead.

Below is my current image:

Below this is what I would like to look like by January:
If only it were as easy as photoshop.