Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Am a Little Confused

...but that's nothing new.

The weight loss plan I am using comes from a book published by Curves. It is based on a 30 day cycle of 1200 calories for a week, 1500 calories for 2 weeks and then 1800 calories for maintenance. If you find that you have gained more than 2 pounds during the 1800 calorie time period you drop back down to 1200 calories for a few days until you lose them. It is designed to help you be your own monitor and create coping skills for managing your own weight. There is also exercise involved, but I won't go into that today. This plan does not make you count calories, but gives you a list of things you can have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you are not interested in those, there are exchange lists in the back of the book to help you along.

The issue of calorie counting came up when I wanted to track what I was eating and joined After I entered everything I was supposed to eat plus something I wasn't, I only came out to 1228 calories. Then yesterday, I ate everything I was supposed to eat and came out with around 1000. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I do know that the body craves food and energy. If it feels like I am depriving it, the body will start holding onto the energy to prevent me from starving.

Today, I am going to do it by the book and see what happens because I am a little concerned.

Regardless, I think I am losing weight already. I can't tell because my scale is defective.

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